Comparing the types of senior care facilities

A senior care facility is one that provides services to elderly people so that they can live their life without any strain or difficulties. These facilities include nursing homes, home care, day care, and assisted living facilities.

If compared as per the costs of a senior care facility, a nursing home is the most expensive choice for seniors, followed by full-time home health care, and assisted living facilities. The least expensive of all is day care, which usually is provided at a center.At a day care center, you would get all the benefits of living at home with someone to assist and help you during the day.

A home care facility would allow a senior to experience the assisted living environment before moving to an assisted living facility. These facilities aim to nurture as much freedom and independence as the resident is capable of. Generally, seniors are unwilling to move out of their own home. It can take as long as two years before someone is prepared to move out of their own home. Through home care programs and assisted living facilities, one can develop the obvious choice if/when a senior would want to move to an assisted living facility.

Nursing homes can be very expensive and are the most costly form of a senior care facility. Skilled nursing facilities, or nursing homes, may be independent or part of a senior care community. 24-hour medical care is available and therefore it is the most expensive care facility. A professional nurse would be available to tend to the medical needs and take care of the senior. Residents may reside temporarily or may be there for long-term care.

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