Common types of allergies and their treatment

Allergies are plenty in number and can vary based on various factors. But some common allergies are seen in everyday lives. Allergy treatments for these are relatively simple, and you need not be too worried about them. But recognizing the right type of it and ensuring the allergy treatment is done correctly is the crucial part. Here are some common types of allergies and ways to treat them.

  • Dust and pollen allergy: This is the most common type as anyone can be prone to dust allergy based on the density or the level of dust in the surroundings. Kids usually get this. It causes rashes on the skin, sneezing and coughing. Pollen also has similar symptoms. The pollen allergy treatment can be done with steam and honey at home. But due to its recurrence, preventive measures would be advised.
  • Allergy caused by insects: This causes rashes on your skin along with some smaller swellings due to the bites. It can be treated at home or with OTC drugs, which are prescription allergy medicines.
  • Food allergy: This is mainly caused by milk products or nuts. Going to the doctor would be advisable, as the level of allergy can be detected better by the physician, ensuring he prescribes the right drug in the correct quantities. The symptoms of this are rashes and some irritation in the throat.
  • Allergy caused by pets: Some people have very sensitive skin and can get allergies due to the hair of pets. It causes rashes and itching, making the person very uncomfortable. It can also cause sneezing when around the pets. Again allergy medication would be OTC drugs along with making sure the person susceptible is kept away from pets as much.

There are many more allergies that are caused due to various reasons. But if untreated, it can cause severe reactions in the patient. Ensuring allergy treatment is done correctly and at the right time becomes necessary. At times it can be life threatening too. Hence caution and no negligence is the key.

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