Choose your next phone from these four best senior’s cell phone deals

In today’s smartphone depended on world, there are some who don’t require the complexities and extra features offered by smartphones like social media, app stores, and constant video streams. For the seniors of our society, a phone is just a need to receive and make calls and talk to their loved ones. To fulfill their needs, there are several cell phones that exist today which are focused only on fulfilling the requirements of the senior citizens. They have considerably large buttons, easy calling facilities, and emergency calls. If you are confused about choosing the right senior’s cell phone deal, here is a list to help you out:

Apple iPhone 6S (16GB) GSM
Those who are uncomfortable using smartphones can easily learn to use this one. Its 4.7-inch display is user-friendly as it is easy to read texts as well as view pictures. Moreover, the fingerprint reader helps you to unlock this phone without the need of a password.

Jitterbug Smart
At a relatively cheaper price, any senior citizen who wants a bit extra on his phone should definitely choose this easy-to-use phone. The extra-large font and 5.5-inch screen with 1280×720 display make the display sharp and bright.

Alcatel A383G
This phone is specifically designed for seniors. It comprises a large and bright keypad, extra-large font, and also comes with 3G connectivity. There is a keyboard on the bottom of the device with large keys, MP3 player, and Bluetooth.

Blu Joy
Blu Joy is another phone which is ideal for seniors. The looks of this phone do not make you feel that you’re using an outdated phone, but at the same time, it offers just the type of simple features that are loved by seniors. It has a 2.4-inch display and a large keypad which makes it easy to find the numbers as well as receive and make calls.

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