Choose among the top 5 best states for retirement

To choose a place for retiring is a major decision for any individual. There are many factors which are to be taken into consideration such as weather, affordability, entertainment, and healthcare. Keeping all these pointers in mind, the top five best states for retirement has been listed below:

  1. Florida: This state is one of the best states for retirement. Florida is very well known for its abundance of facilities provided for seniors. Florida is one of the states where the cost of houses are relatively low as compared to other northeastern US states. This and many other reasons make it one of the best states for retirement in the US.
  2. Iowa: This is one of the tax-friendly states for the those who are nearing their retiring age. This state includes low cost living and has an older generation-friendly job market. There are abundant volunteering opportunities for retired people in Iowa, including museums and golf courses.
  3. South Dakota: This state has an above-average cost of living, but has been considered the third most retiree-friendly state. There is no income tax in this state and has a retiree-free job and labor market. South Dakota has the fourth greatest senior citizen concentration in the workforce in the US.
  4. Wyoming: Wyoming offers a property tax rebate for retired senior citizens and includes no income tax. The weather condition of Wyoming include warm summer and beautiful landscapes. This is considered as one of the best states for retirement.
  5. Colorado: This state has the highest cost of living, but is still considered as one of the best states for retirement. Around 78% of the seniors who reside here are physically active and 82% are in a better health condition. This state has the highest senior citizen’s life expectancy among the other five.

These above mentioned are the top five best states for retirement, which people can consider while planning to retire and if wanting to settle in a beautiful and low-cost state.

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