Cheap senior cell phone plans you can consider

Cell phone plans are personalized for different kinds of users, be it those who require unlimited talking minutes, those who opt for higher data plans for internet usage, or those who prefer to have night minutes. Mostly, seniors would require slightly different cell phone plans due to their limited usage needs.

For them, it might be uneconomical to opt for the normal cell phone plans as it might go to waste and might not be affordable for them. This is why some companies come up with cheap senior cell phone plans.

These cell phone plans may include limited minutes and text messages which are just right for seniors’ usage needs. Several companies offer various cheap senior cell phone plans. Some of the cell phone plans apt for seniors are:

  1. TracFone: This offers an 800 minute airtime valid for a year, which comes up to simply $8.22 per month. This makes it one of the best cheap senior cell phone plans as it is very economical to use.
  2. Republic Wireless: They offer unlimited talk, text as well as 1GB data for $20 a month.
  3. The People’s Operator: They offer 2GB unlimited talk and data for just $25 per month. This company also has a unique policy of donating 10% of users’ bill amount to charity.
  4. Ultra Mobile: They offer lucrative senior cell phone plans for international users at $29 a month with benefits of 1GB LTE data, 1GB HSPA data, and unlimited calls to 60 different countries. Seniors who use their phone often can also opt for the $45 plan offering 10GB or the $54 plan offering 20GB data.
  5. Total Wireless: This company offers cheap senior cell phone plans at $35 for a 5GB plan and $45 for an 8GB plan. Seniors can also opt for a family plan for $60.

Companies like these make it a point to offer cheap senior cell phone plans so that every low-income senior can also enjoy the benefits of connecting with their loved ones without burning a hole in their pockets.

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