Cheap phone plans for senior citizens

Nowadays, most cell phone plans offer features such as unlimited minutes and high-speed data. However, the plans do not offer the best option for senior citizens who do not need several features and do not wish to pay the entire amount of money. However, there are many plans that have been designed keeping senior citizens in mind. These plans are mostly prepaid. These include lesser minutes and less extra features than the regular plans. With the help of a cheap senior cell phone plans, senior citizens can now stay connected without spending a huge part of their income in purchasing plans.

Options provided by major carriers
To find one of the cheap senior cell phone plans, the offers provided by the four major carriers must be reviewed. These include Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. There are a few prepaid options available as well. There are several such low-cost options offered by each of these carriers. Moreover, senior citizens who are on Medicaid or any other supplementary income options will qualify for subsidized or even free plans and do not need to opt for cheap senior cell phone plans.

Pay As You Go
There are some plans offered by T-Mobile as well as AT&T that are the best for people who do not have excessive cell phone usage and just like to connect with their family or medical professionals during an emergency. The Pay As You Go plan by T-Mobile is a cheap senior cell phone plan that costs only three dollars. The GoPhone daily plan by AT&T at two dollars per day of usage also offers much flexibility in terms of usage and price. These are very basic plans generally suitable for senior citizens. Moreover, some of them offer the option of paying only on days that the phone is used.

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