Causes, symptoms and treatments of esophagus cancer

The esophagus is an internal organ that helps in transferring the food from mouth to stomach. Though it is undoubtedly one of the most used organs, it mostly remains unnoticed almost throughout the life. Yet, a little disturbance or infection in it becomes a serious cause of concern, as it becomes difficult to swallow food. Esophagus cancer has now become one of the most common types of cancer affecting the people in the country. However, in most of the cases, the cancer is curable, and the patients can get back to their normal life after going through an effective treatment for esophagus cancer.

Causes of esophagus cancer
Esophagus cancer starts developing from the inner layer of the organ and gradually spreads to the other layers. If left untreated, it can also spread to the other organs of your body. Though there is no proven cause for esophagus cancer, doctors consider that people with gastroesophageal reflux disease and Barrett’s esophagus have a risk of developing this cancer. Smokers and alcohol addicts also have a risk of esophagus cancer.

Symptoms of esophagus cancer
Awareness about esophagus cancer and its symptom can save a life. Like the cancer of other organs, esophagus cancer too does not have any significant sign in the initial stages. However, with the growth of the disease, patients’ start losing weight for no specific reason, get swallowing difficulty or feel pain while swallowing food. Chest pain or pain behind the breastbone, hoarseness of voice, excessive coughing along with heartburn and indigestion are also some signs indicating esophagus cancer.

Esophagus Cancer treatment
Diagnosis of esophagus cancer at an early stage can help in getting a complete cure, as the infection fails to spread. Once diagnosed, treatment procedures for esophagus cancer are determined after complete medical examination of the patient. While some patients are treated using chemotherapy, radiotherapy is recommended for others. Nowadays, oncologists across the country are also using photodynamic therapy and electrocoagulation, depending on the spread of cancer. Surgical removal of the affected area is considered in some cases where other treatments for esophagus cancer is not effective. Though medications are prescribed after complete diagnosis, Cyramza, Herceptin, Docetaxel, Ramucirumab, and Taxotere are some of the approved drugs used for the treatment of esophagus cancer. Dana Farber Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society are known for offering successful treatment to esophagus cancer patients. You can consult them if needed.

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