Best pulse rate monitors

Off-late the rate of pulse rate monitors in the market has grown in great numbers with more brands stepping up their offers. This trend for pulse rate monitors is not restricted to only the fitness conscious but is also essential for those elderly individuals who like to keep track of their everyday fitness and their hearts functioning. Three of the best picks for pulse rate monitors are:

  1. Polar FT60: This pulse rate monitor displays both the maximum and average heart rate using a line graph in order to monitor the overall heart rate intensity over a day or even over a span of few days, as desired by each individual. This data can be stored on a computer for records. Some of the other additional features that this popular model offers are; button locking that ensures no features are accidentally changed or reset, pre-loaded training programs, weight loss monitor with graph statistics, and is even water resistant for up to 30m.
  2. Polar FT4: The main feature in this pulse rate monitor is the unique display of Heart Touch for easy accessibility of checking one’s heart rate. All that an individual has to do is raise their arm and the watch display’s the heart rate reading on the transmitter. Polar also provides convenient chest strap which adapts to the body shape. Some other interesting features on this monitor is the availability of target zone alarm that displays the workout’s intensity, and a low battery indicator for keeping track without the battery dying out in the middle of a workout. Additional features include backlight button for effective display, normal watch mode when not in use, and a memory tracker for up to 10 laps.
  3. MIO MIO HRM: This stylish pulse rate monitor sets the monitoring based on gender and age, and is a perfect fit for any wrist size. The readings on the monitor have been compared as accurate and dependable like that of an actual ECG. Apart from design, this monitor also features the maximum and normal resting heart rates, has a backlighting option, calorie counter, and regular time and alarm functions.

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