Best phone plans for senior citizens by Verizon

Nowadays, an increasing number of seniors are embracing the use of modern mobile technology in their daily life. A huge section of the older population now possesses cell phones. There are some plans, phones, and accessories that are recommended for seniors and have been presented within the 100 phone plans for seniors list. Today, family members can provide a phone for senior members for as less as twenty dollars a month, along with some taxes and additional fees. Verizon has an offer that keeps things very simple and easy to handle for seniors.

Basic offer
The Verizon offer is one of the top 100 phone plans for seniors. It offers numerous data sizes at only thirty dollars a month, along with some additional taxes and other fees. The size of the data can range from one to eighteen gigabytes. However, if the user requires more data, they may quickly switch sizes at any point of usage. Whatever size one opts for, the data will be shared with the device being used. Moreover, the plan also comes with unlimited text and talk options. Verizon also has options for seniors who do not wish to opt for a contract annually.

Other options for seniors
Verizon has some prepaid plans among the 100 phone plans for seniors. These programs work very well for basic phones as well as for smart phones. Along with the 100 phone plans for seniors, there are some options for phone models that have been specially designed for senior citizens. These include the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime which is an excellent choice for beginners. It has an easy mode that helps in simplifying the home screen for straightforward navigation. Another great option is the LG Revere 3 for those who prefer a simple and basic flip model with a few advanced features.

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