Benefits of exercise for seniors

Medical experts recommend physical exercise to people of all ages. This is due to the many benefits that exercises have on a human body. Such benefits include a healthier heart, body flexibility, and stronger bones, among many others. It is especially important for elderly people as it reduces the risk of chronic illnesses, lowers chances of having injuries, and can also improve their moods. Below we discuss the benefits of exercise for seniors.

Increases balance and stability: Regular exercises among seniors helps their bones to be strong. This will help reduce the number of falls they experience. It is a fact that falls are the major cause of injuries among the old people. Having strong bones enables the senior members to have stable and balanced body thus avoiding the injuries.

Improves healing and body functioning: Research has found that a body that exercising regularly decreases the time of wounds to heal by up to 25%. Medical experts also suggest that a body that exercises regularly has the ability to better fight disease causing organisms compared to that which does not exercise. It is for this reason that seniors are advised to keep exercising their bodies to improve their immunity.

Improves the mood of the seniors: Studies show that regular exercises by seniors help alleviate symptoms of depression and improve the mood in general. Regular exercises have been found to improve not only the physical fitness of an individual but also their psychological well-being as well.

Increased life expectancy: A study by the Harvard Medical School shows that regular exercises the resting heart rate thus allowing you to live longer. A higher resting heart rate is a clear indication that one might be suffering from heart disease like high blood pressure and heart attack. This can cause sudden and premature death. To avoid such cases, proper exercise for seniors is recommended.

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