Benefits of amino acid supplements

Nowadays, supplements are available for all the possible nutrients available in our diet. However, the most important ingredient has been proteins for a long time. Protein has been taken as a supplement in many different forms such as whey etc. However, it must be noted that these proteins are made up of amino acids. When proteins are ingested, they are broken down to give amino acids, which are then rearranged, refolded and turned into whatever is necessary for the functioning of the body. However, several amino acids are used in unique ways and when these amino acids are given as supplements, they can incredibly help the functioning of our body.

One of the most basic and most important reasons for consuming amino acid supplements has to do with muscle growth. It has been shown that leucine, in particular is capable of regulating and improving the protein synthesis in the muscle after an exercise. The muscle gets stimulated by the stress of the workout and the consumption of leucine adds to give the muscle everything necessary for its growth and prepares the muscles for the next workout.

Glycogen depletion is one of the major problems for athletes as it leads to exhaustion and also brings an immediate drop in their performance. A study was performed with 7 male volunteers which put them through a workout that could completely destroy their glycogen stores. One group was given amino acid supplements while the other was given a placebo and it was shown that the first group had its glycogen stores so well protected that an increase of 17.2 percent was seen in the time they took to hit the wall.

Amino acid supplements are also capable of keeping you away from any kind of mental fatigue that can result from a workout. When the levels of branched chain amino acids in your body reduce, tryptophan is produced which converts to serotonin in brain causing tiredness. The amino acid supplements prevent this procedure thereby preventing fatigue.

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