Benefits and challenges of moving into senior apartments

Senior apartments involve a wide variety of options, from independent living apartments to houses on rent or for sale and from seniors assisted living to hospitals and nursing homes for those who require daily medical help.


These apartments are specifically made for senior citizens and follow a strict age restriction for 55 or 62+. These apartments include features that are senior-friendly such as activities, amenities, and more. Personal and medical care are not always provided with these apartments; however, in few cases, meals, housekeeping, and several other services can be purchased additionally.

Benefits of residing in senior apartments

The ability to live around people your own age, without the need to share the same house or room, is one of the biggest benefits of senior apartments. Its provides you with opportunities to make new friends and keep you engaged in several community activities.
If you compare the maintenance requirements of a house to an apartment, an apartment would require much less maintenance and hence the monthly expenses would be low.
Finally, senior apartments are often located near hospitals and nursing homes and hence is much more safe and reliable in terms of a medical emergency.

Challenges faced when moving into senior apartments

It can be an immensely emotional experience to leave your house, which is full of memories, and move into a enior apartment. This difficult and emotional move is considered as one of the major downsides of moving into senior apartments.
When moving from a house to a comparatively smaller apartment, you may be required to sell or leave behind several furniture items, assets, and belongings as you may not be able to fit them all in your apartment.
You must also keep in mind that most senior apartments offer no typical on-site medical and health services.

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