All you need to know about razors

When you are shaving, the razor blade is an essential component of the razor that gets the work done. With the cutting-edge technology used in safety razors and cartridge razors, you get to have a clean and suave look within no time. Moreover, for experimenting with your look and maintaining a new facial hairstyle, the razor blades play a key role.

Evolution of the best razor shaving
Body hair has been a part of the human body since its evolution. However, removal of at least some parts of it garnered importance as civilization developed. As man’s skills in tool making improved, he started creating tools for tasks such as shaving. Having a beard had different social-cultural interpretations in the ancient society and removing facial hair completely was considered to be humiliating in some countries. So the development of razors varied from one place to another. The different types of razors that revolutionalized today’s razor started from simple iron razor to cut-throat razors.

Types of the razors
With the evolution of razors, the types of blades used in the razors also changed. Today, there are several types of smooth shaving razors that are designed keeping in mind every customer’s preferences and needs. Below are some of the common types of razors available in the market nowadays:
Electric razors- The electric razor uses a rotating and an oscillating blade and can help you shave without using water, shaving cream, or soap. Electric razors work either using electricity or batteries. Ideal for sensitive skin and shaving thin hair, electric razors are easy to use.
Cut throat- Created in the English town of Sheffield, the cutthroat razor was first used since about 1680. Cut throats are also commonly known as straight razors. Many razor aficionados swear by the cut throats and consider them to be the best razor blades if you want to get the closest shave.
Safety razors- Safety razors are created for optimal safety while shaving. These razors in recent times have developed from single blade razors to cartridge razors. Cartridge razors developed by Gillette are most commonly used in today’s times.

Minimizes risk of infection
Shaving correctly and using clean razors and razor blades are a part of minimizing the risk of cuts and rashes on the skin after shaving. Proper aftercare is also essential in not only maintaining your look but also avoiding infections.

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