AARP cell phones – Offering many benefits for seniors

There are many cell phone service providers available to cater to the needs of thousands of customers. With AARP cell phones, seniors can avail of services such as cell phone plans and discounts.

Generally, seniors do not use the cell phone as much as the younger generation; therefore, the commonly offered cell phone plans may be a wasteful expenditure. AARP provides hassle free plans and benefits for seniors which help them save considerably and also choose plans as per their requirements.

What benefits are offered by AARP cell phones for seniors?
AARP refers to American Association of Retired Persons. It is a nonprofit organization founded to assist people aged 50 and above to have an improved standard of living. With AARP cell phones, seniors are given multiple benefits. Some of these AARP benefits are as follows:

  • As low as $10 monthly emergency cell phone plans for seniors
  • A 5% discount on their monthly fees
  • A 30% discount benefit on all cell phone accessories for seniors
  • Extended money back guarantee for a period of 30 to 45 days
  • Seniors in the US can opt for a membership of just $16 or less and enjoy the benefits of AARP
  • Monthly AARP plans start at just $10 with no additional contracts
  • Seniors can share the AARP benefits with friends and family for an additional value of $10 a month
  • For under $25 a month, seniors can enjoy AARP cell phone plans including benefits such as text messages, web data, as well as talk-time
  • Seniors can enjoy a free activation for just $35
  • With AARP cell phones, seniors can enjoy a risk-free service.

AARP helps seniors with low incomes and budgets to opt for cell phones and cell phone plans which are affordable and easy to use. With great benefits such as a low-cost talk time plan and low-cost data plans, seniors can enjoy the comfort of connecting with all their loved ones.

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