A unique government program for protecting and safeguarding the senior citizens

Seniors are the backbone of the society and to help them the government has introduced a free service for them. Instead of just considering the benefit plans, the government has taken two steps forward and has started providing free phones for seniors. Hence, it is quite helpful for low-income customers or people facing financial constraints. By focusing on the senior citizens’ needs this service aims to aid the elderly people who require empathy and assistance of the young generation. Free government cell phones are beneficial for a number of citizens who need to interact with their dear ones. Considering each situation of seniors, the required support is provided through these free phones for seniors, which also include emergency and safety services that are simple and reliable to use.

More on the program
A specific name is given to this process which will help you to understand the free phone service. The service, known as the “Lifeline Assistance Program” is always there to provide free phones for seniors. Not only this, the Lifeline Assistance Program contains several beneficial plans for senior citizens. This program was initiated at the time of Reagan Administration. The aim of this program was to provide the services, such as free landline services to low-income people. After certain years, the government decided to make this program more modernized. Hence, the free phones for seniors with free services were launched by the government.

Protecting the senior citizens
After getting recognition in America, more than fifty states followed this program. To make seniors independent and safe, the government has done a remarkable job. It is a known fact that it is quite difficult for seniors to stay alone without any safety measures. Therefore, this plan of free phones for seniors is quite effective. Due to this program medical security and emergency calls are now possible and it proves to be an incredible step by the government for seniors. Also, the people who do not have children can feel safe and protected by using this service.

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