A Guide to Pick Adult Incontinence Products

It can be difficult, or you might feel uncomfortable to discuss if you or someone you know is suffering from incontinence. This feeling of discomfort is more magnified when one has to pick out incontinence protection products to wear.

They come in various sizes and styles that can overwhelm you at first, but to avoid embarrassment and help make sense when you buy incontinence products; here is a guide that’ll help you.

Pads, Shields, and Inserts:
These can be termed as the basic things you need for incontinence protection. The pads, shields, and inserts are designed in a way that you can comfortably wear them inside your regular adult underwear. It’ll be more helpful to you if you get these incontinence protection products in versions that come with an adhesive strip that’ll help to keep them secure in places inside the underwear.

Belted Undergarments:
If you need something advanced, then one can go for the belted undergarment. These specially designed to be worn in place for the traditional underwear. These have a thick and absorbent pad in the front but are kept open in the back. Belted undergarments are ideal for those adults or people who suffer from urinary incontinence. They are not comfortable for people who have bowel incontinence.

Pull up Briefs:
Also referred to as adult diapers, anyone who has been suffering from bowels or urinary flow can wear these fully absorbent pull up briefs and save themselves from any accidents. They are just like the regular pair of underwear. There is wide range of sizes to ensure they are a good fit. The only disadvantage about these pull up briefs is that they are very difficult to remove while in bed, and would be a poor choice for the individuals who are bedridden.

Adult Briefs:
Which are also known as taped pads, these just look like the larger versions of a child’s diaper. They are easier to put on just like a kid’s diaper, and you have tapes on sides to securely fasten them in place. These briefs are ideal when the individual who wears them has a hard time getting out of bed.

All of the mentioned products are disposable incontinence products so you won’t have a hard time thinking about how to dispose of them.

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