A glimpse of different senior housing alternatives

As soon as one ages, he/she requires a change in living facilities, level of care, social acceptance, freedom, medical support, and much more. For living a fulfilling life, it becomes essential for them to assess their current and future needs and take decisions on those grounds. Budget, level of medical aid, level of household assistance, and degree of care required are some of the indispensable factors that directly affect the decision of choosing a senior housing facility. The 3 basic senior housing options available are:

Independent living: Seniors who wish to secure comparatively lesser assistance in medical care and incur lesser expenses opt for this alternative. Social needs play a major role in this sphere as these sorts of residential arrangements aim at encouraging social get-togethers to enhance belongingness. Moreover, it offers more freedom than any other resident senior housing option will and assists seniors with the basic household facilities.

Assisted living: Seniors who are not capable of living too independently at all opt for such kind of housing options. 24-hour medical care, three meals a day, recreational activities, round-the-clock staff availability, fitness and wellness programs, housekeeping services, transportation, etc., describe this sort of senior housing in the most precise manner. Seniors needing more of personal care services and not needing nursing supervision choose assisted living over the other two housing options for seniors.

Nursing homes: These kind of living accommodations offer the highest level of medical care and assistance outside of a hospital. It offers custodial care to seniors and include facilities such as high leveled medical care, assistance in feeding, bathing, getting in and out of bed, 24-hour availability of skilled nursing care, supervision by licensed physicians, and much more. For those who have been prone to recent hospitalization demands, such supreme level of medical care is provided therein.

Choosing the most suitable senior housing option is a matter of degree of medical aid and variety of facilities one wishes to experience.

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