A few common causes and symptoms of pancreatic cancer

This type of cancer spreads rapidly, thereby causing a health disaster. At first, a single tissue of the pancreas is affected, and soon the whole pancreas becomes cancerous. It can rarely be detected in the early stages, but one of the first signs of pancreatic cancer is high diabetes that occurs with weight loss and sometimes jaundice and severe abdominal pain that extends to the back.

Pancreatic cancer can happen for any reason whatsoever. Even after so many years of thorough research, there has been no particular reason that has been found responsible for this cancer. However, according to experts, genes play a significant role in this case. Sometimes, smoking and intake of carcinogens can also be highly responsible for pancreatic cancer.

Possible causes

  • Hereditary factors: If there is a family history of chronic pancreatitis or there is even a trace of pancreatic cancer that is present in the bloodstream, then the disease can affect a person.
  • Being in contact with carcinogenic substances: These are cancer-prone substances that make the body prone to cancer.
  • Smoking: Research shows more than 20% of pancreatic cancer cases are the result of cigarette smoking. Therefore, this addiction should be kept at bay to stay away from the disease.
  • Obesity: Studies have concluded that the chances of developing pancreatic cancer are higher in obese people. It is seen that they have excess growth hormones such as insulin, which in turn can increase the risk of this fatal ailment.

Evident symptoms
The obvious and suspected symptoms of pancreatic cancer are as follows:

  • An excruciating pain sensation in the upper abdomen, which would slowly creep to the back
  • Sudden, unintentional and severe weight loss
  • Loss of appetite without the detection of any particular reason
  • Yellowish skin and yellowish eyes that would indicate jaundice
  • Sudden onset of high diabetes level where the sugar level would go out of control
  • Occurrence of sudden depression and increased fatigue
  • Blood clots in the skin and even in the pancreas

Thus, one should avoid the causes and keep a check on the symptoms for an early detection of pancreatic cancer and combat the same by consulting with a doctor.

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