A brief guide to orthopedics and orthopedic surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons are physicians who treat conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. They receive specialized training and education in orthopedics to practice in this field of treatment.

What is orthopedics?
Orthopedics is the branch of surgery that treats conditions related to the body’s musculoskeletal system. It involves both surgical, as well as nonsurgical methods to treat spine diseases, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, musculoskeletal trauma, and congenital disorders.

What does an orthopedic surgeon do?
An orthopedic doctor treats musculoskeletal problems with or without surgery. They may either perform surgeries if the condition is chronic or may provide medication, rehabilitation therapies, and exercises to their patients for their treatment.

Diseases and condition that an orthopedic surgeon treats
An orthopedic surgeon treats the following conditions:
– Osteoporosis
– Osteoarthritis
– Tendon injuries
– Growth abnormalities
– Back pain
– Sports and work injuries
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Bursitis
– Strains and sprains
– Sciatica
– Bone tumors
– Clubfoot, unequal length of legs, knock knees, and bow legs
– Torn cartilage
– Dislocation and fractures
– Bunions
– Cerebral palsy
– Ruptured discs
– Finger and toe abnormalities
– Scoliosis
– Muscular dystrophy
– Pulled muscles

Specialty training received by orthopedic doctors
After having completed four years of undergraduate medical school, surgeons receive a special training of four years in orthopedic surgery. These are some of the operative and clinical training practices that doctors undergo:
– Surgical sports medicine
– Elbow and shoulder surgery
– Hand surgery
– Ankle and foot surgery
– Arthroplasty or total joint reconstruction
– Pediatric orthopedics
– Skull reconstruction
– Spine surgery
– Musculoskeletal trauma
– Orthopedic oncology

When and why should you choose an orthopedic doctor?
For the proper diagnosis, monitoring, analysis, and treatment of problems like backaches, sprains, sports injuries, etc., you must consult an orthopedic doctor. Orthopedic doctors treat patients from all age groups with musculoskeletal injuries.

Common surgeries performed by doctors
Following are some of the most common procedures performed by surgeons:
– Knee replacement
– Laminectomy
– Hip replacement
– Repair of ankle fracture
– Support implant removal
– Release of carpal tunnel
– Femoral neck fracture repair

Visit orthopedic physicians as soon as you see a specific problem affecting your body. Consult an experienced doctor to receive proper and efficient treatment of your diseases.

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