7 innovative arthritic aids for senior independent living

Arthritis develops with age, and seniors usually have constraints with simple movements and they also face other hassles that stop them from going about their everyday tasks. For seniors, who wish to carry on with their independent life, here are seven innovative modern day aids that can help to carry out daily chores:

  • Zipper pull and button hook: Priced at around $9, this aid provides an easy grip that can help button or unbutton clothes. Wearing one’s clothes is made easy.
  • Sock aid: Priced at around $9, this device enables the adult to wear his/her socks without having even to bend over. It’s a long rod-like device with a spatula to slide the sock with ease.
  • Lamp turner: While switching on/off regular lamp switches may be difficult, this turner aids with that function. Priced at around $7, this aid is very functional to help grip the lamp switches that are small or hard to grip normally.
  • Writing grips: The most difficult function of writing is made easy with these attachable grips that are made cushy enough to hold and are only priced at around $8.
  • Foam tubing: Adding a foam tubing to a toothbrush, hairbrush, spoons, etc. can help with giving a firm grip when holding onto your regular activities is daunting. Priced at $13, they provide a range of form tubes as choices for use on a different array of regular products.
  • Automatic jar openers: Cooking is hard as it gets with arthritic conditions because opening a jar is just close to impossible and there is always the fear of dropping glass. With this slide on jar opener that holds the top of the lid, it enables a person to carry on their cooking. It’s priced at around $26.
  • Black and Decker automatic jar opener: Priced at around $120, this one is useful for those with stronger onsets of arthritis. While the above option needs to have a cylindrical jar to work on, this latter model helps with any type or size of the jar.

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