6 things you should not do if you have skin rash

Skin rashes can be very troublesome and cause a lot of discomforts. You will find a lot of advice about what to do when you have skin rashes, but there are rarely suggestions that tell what not to do when you have skin rash symptoms. Here are a list few suggestions on things to avoid when you contract skin rashes.

  • Never rub alcohol on your skin: It is strongly recommended that alcohol should not be rubbed on your skin. Contrary to popular belief alcohol doesn’t help to heal or doesn’t kill infectious bacteria. It will just sting and would dry your skin. It can make skin rash symptoms worse, specifically, rashes like eczema.
  • Never use a bar soap: Many people think that it is okay to use bar soap on the skin but its use can dry the skin and worsen skin rash symptoms.
  • Avoid using very light lotions: Some people like to choose light lotions as they spread well on the skin. But these are not very effective for rashes as light lotions do not absorb into the skin well.
  • Never use a triple-antibiotic ointment: Many people tend to use triple-antibiotic ointments as they think that such ointments will kill the staph and strep bacteria that cause skin infections. The use of such ointments is not recommended since some people tend to develop allergic contact dermatitis.
  • Never scratch the rashes: Many people especially kids tend to scratch the skin aggressively when they contract skin rash. Not only it would worsen the rashes, but itching might also cause a wound on your skin and make it vulnerable to infections.
  • Never leave sweaty gym clothes on: You should change sweaty clothes immediately after a gym session even when your skin is fine. But if you already have skin rashes in some areas of your body, it is strongly recommended to take a shower and change into clean clothes as soon as you are through with your workout. Leaving sweaty clothes on provides bacteria a humid place to grow, and most likely, your skin rashes would get worse.

Hopefully, this list would help you understand what not to do when you have skin rash symptoms and avoid any further damage to your skin.

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