5 things to consider while choosing diabetic test strips

Glucometers have made it easier to keep track of your blood sugar level from home. There is no need to rely on the occasional blood test at the clinic to know how your body is doing. Test strips are small card-like things which collect your blood sample and feed it into the main device for reading.

Choosing the right test strip is important. Here are few things to consider before you choose your diabetic test strips.

  • Compatibility

Buy the test strips which go with the glucometer machine you have. Incompatible strips will either not give you any result or give wrong ones. In both cases, it will not do any good for you.

  • Frequency of testing

Consider how frequently you do checking and buy accordingly. If you need to do it every day, buy from a brand that sells in large quantities. It is even better if you can get a discount on the purchase of bulk quantities. If it is a weekly affair, you can stick to smaller packages.

  • Beware of counterfeiting

Blood test strips being a bit expensive, some fraudulent companies often come up with counterfeit products and try to lure customers with lower prices. Don’t fall for it. Only buy from known brands and established medical stores.

  • Absorption of blood

Take a note of how the test strips absorb the blood – whether the procedure is a simpler one or a bit more complicated. Some of the test strips need to take the blood before being inserted into the device, and in some, you need to insert it beforehand. Buy according to what suits you the best.

  • Do not reuse the test strips

This tip is more of a usage tip than purchasing, but using one piece of strip more than once will give wrong readings and lead to an incorrect cure. Usually, the devices deny reading from any previously used strip. Stay away from companies which claim you can use their product twice or thrice.

Diabetes is prevalent yet a killer disease. Do not let it win over you. Opt for all the technological advances ready for you to cure yourself.

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