5 secrets to reduce lumbar spine pain

Our daily schedule leaves us with different sorts of pain and stiffness. In some cases, they tend to be chronic.

Lumbar spine pain or lower back pain is one of the acutest cases that people usually face. For many people, doctor-prescribed medicinal help does not bring the necessary result. There is no definite cure in these cases, and various methods need to be experimented to know what works the best.

Here are some of the secrets to reduce lumbar spine pain.

  • Work it out
    Exercising releases endorphin hormones which are as good as any pain-killer medicine. Regular exercising will not only help you keep the pain at bay, but the endorphins also help fight stress, depression, and anxiety which come with chronic lumbar spine pain.
  • Massage treatment
    Often prescribed by doctors as an alternative to pill-intake, physiotherapy and massage treatment can work wonders for lumbar spine pain. It will relax your muscles, release the toxins and once again regulate endorphins throughout your body.
  • Proper rest and calm of mind
    Stress can be the most significant reason for the deterioration of your health. It is associated with any bodily pain, and lumbar spine is no exception. You need the right amount of sleep to keep your stress levels under control. Also, meditating will help your mind to be calmer and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Thermal therapy
    The age-old therapy of heat and cold should not be underestimated. It does wonders in any physical pain. The heat initiates blood flow, which helps to bring the endorphins and other healing nutrients to lumbar spine area; while the cold reduces inflammation and numbs down the nerves of the area which keeps them from causing spasm again and again.
  • Lumbar spinal fusion
    If none of these works and the pain is still excruciating and intolerable, you can opt for lumbar spinal fusion as a last resort. It is a surgery done to the affected vertebral portion, either by adding a bone graft or by setting up a biological response to grow bone and create fusion or by replacing a joint with a fixed bone and stopping the movement of that segment.

Follow these methods, and you will be able to fight lumbar spine pain!

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