5 essential personal hygiene products

Personal hygiene is very important to remain healthy and free from diseases. A few products are imperative when it comes to personal hygiene, these are:

The most basic necessity when it comes to personal hygiene is soap. There might be a lot of options available in the market, however, a single soap is adequate for the entire body. The effectiveness of antibacterial soap is debatable. However, irrespective of the soap you use it is important to scrub your hands when you wash. While bathing, use the soap generously all over the body and scrub to get rid of dirt, germs, and dead skin.

When it comes to cleansing dirt and dead skin, it includes your scalp and hair as well. An ideal shampoo should not only cleanse your scalp but also keep it free of excess oil, dandruff while leaving it moisturized. Most shampoos do just fine when it comes to basic requirements.

Oral hygiene is another aspect that goes a long way in maintaining good health. Oral health is more about your daily routine than what you do sporadically. Having a good fluoride paste that keeps a check on cavities, plaque, and tartar should be a must. Brush twice a day and floss regularly for long-term dental health.

Hand sanitizers
These are an absolute necessity and easy to carry wherever you go. Hand sanitizers help in protection from germs and bacteria on-the-go. When you eat outdoors or if you are on a vacation, and nature treks, these come quite handy if you can’t find soap and water nearby.

Deodorants prevent body odor and sweat. Sweaty skin can attract bacteria and lead to skin irritation. The deodorants make sure the skin remains dry and you feel comfortable all day long. Especially when you are outdoors in summer, it is advisable to use a good deodorant that suits you. You can choose from sprays, roll-on, and other formulations.

Overall having a regular hygiene routine is important to stay away from diseases. Moreover, other habits like cutting nails regularly, cleaning ear wax and other hair removal goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body free from infections and diseases.

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