5 easy steps to help lower your A1C levels

Diabetes is one of the most serious and chronic diseases, which can lead to some severe health complications. A proper and effective management of diabetes can help you lead a stable life without any serious health problems.

The A1C test is a type of blood test that helps to diagnose diabetes. It also helps doctors monitor the treatment and management of diabetes for their patients. The diabetes A1C chart provides ideal measures of blood sugar levels for patients.

Steps to lower A1C levels
 Using the diabetes A1C chart as a measurement of their health, individuals can take several steps to manage their condition. Some of the steps that can help lower the A1C levels are as follows:

  • Exercising is the key to lowering A1C levels. Exercising about thirty minutes per day and five days in a week is a healthy step in controlling A1C levels. You can also enhance your exercise schedule through other activities such as walking, taking your dog for a walk, cycling, etc. Such physical activities can be extremely beneficial for people with diabetes.
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet is of utmost importance in reaching healthy A1C levels as specified in the diabetes A1C chart. Focus on non-starchy vegetables and always keep a strict eye on the serving size while having fruits, fats, lean proteins and other complex carbohydrates like potatoes and bread.
  • You should always try to stick to a schedule and never skip meals. Long gaps between meals might result in the sporadic rise and fall of blood sugar levels. Proper scheduling of lifestyle is important to manage diabetes well.
  • Any treatment plan suggested by your doctor should be strictly followed, which would help you to manage the disease successfully.
  • Finally, checking the blood sugar levels on a regular basis as per the diabetes A1C chart is essential for proper management of the condition. With regular tests, you can take preventive steps in case there is a complication risk.

The points mentioned above, thus, can assist you to lower A1C levels. This will help to prevent your condition from aggravating.

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