5 common risk factors of mesothelioma cancer

Mesothelioma cases have seen poor life expectancy rates. Hence, it is very crucial to identify the risk factors that cause mesothelioma cancer, so that they can be treated at an early stage. This will help increase the chances of survival.

Here is a list of risk factors that need to be highlighted at an early stage.

  • Asbestos exposure: More than 80% of people are expected to fall victim to mesothelioma cancer due to excessive exposure to asbestos. Asbestos has strong flexible fibers and also fire-proof properties. There are high chances that people involved in a job that requires the making of products using asbestos, and installing or maintaining asbestos products might inhale or swallow some asbestos fibers. Once the asbestos fiber enters the body, it starts affecting the immune system adversely and the symptoms of mesothelioma might become apparent.
  • Zeolite exposure: Zeolite is a mineral that is chemically related to asbestos. You should avoid exposure to such minerals and if you encounter it as a part of your work environment, then take all precautionary measures and cover yourself properly so that zeolite doesn’t enter your body by any means.
  • Radiation: According to a recent study, radiation used to treat cancer patients also makes a person prone to mesothelioma cancer. If a high dosage of radiation is given on the chest or abdomen of a patient, then it might result into mesothelioma.
  • SV40 Virus: Infections with  SV40 virus have a high risk of developing into mesothelioma. Previously, some polio vaccines contained SV40. Hence, some people were exposed to this virus and the chances of a large population being subject to this type of cancer increased.
  • Genetics: Around 1% of the cases have inherited mesothelioma cancer i.e. the disease was carried from a parent to a child. Normally, it happens as a result of mutation or a change in BAP1 gene.

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