5 common health problems caused by hypertension

The excessive pressure on the blood vessels is the reason why blood pressure level rises and damages vital organs of the body, causing various diseases in the process. If left undiagnosed, hypertension can lead to serious health problems. A few common diseases that hypertension symptoms can lead to are:

  • Stroke and heart attacks: Blood circulation is often affected because of hypertension symptoms. Heart attack or strokes are caused by the pressure of the blood vessels or arteries on the heart. They block the passage of blood flow, which leads to the heart becoming less functional.
  • Heart failure: The heart needs to pump the blood to allow it to circulate in the whole body. If the heart muscles thicken when there is high pressure within the blood vessels, they make it difficult for the heart to pump the blood effectively. Thus, enough blood is not circulated within the body, which ultimately leads to heart failure.
  • Brain issues: People who have hypertension symptoms may often face problems with understanding anything as their brain starts acting poorly. Uncontrolled blood pressure affects the ability to remember and learn things faster.
  • Metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of different disorders in the body’s metabolism including an increase in waist line, high insulin levels, high triglycerides, low HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels, etc. is often noticed in people suffering from hypertension symptoms. These increase the risks of developing heart diseases and strokes. Diabetes is also caused as a result of this syndrome.
  • Aneurysm: An increase in blood pressure can lead to an increase in the formation of aneurysms, which causes the blood vessel to weaken and bulge.  With a constant increase in size, these may rupture, which can then be life threatening.

These are some of the primary diseases caused by hypertension. With timely diagnosis and medical attention, these can be easily treated. Remember, it is important to keep the blood pressure under control for a healthy and long life.

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