4 useful tips for sparkling pearly white teeth

A smile is the most attractive aspect of one’s appearance, and a dazzling smile is entirely dependent on a set of shiny, white teeth. Healthy white teeth allow you to smile beautifully and also get rid of bad breath.

Here are some techniques that can help you to keep your teeth sparkling white without using any teeth whitening products:

  • Eating proper food: This involves avoiding teeth staining food items such as tea, coffee, cola and also avoiding cigarettes. One must develop the habit of eating an apple every day, which is considered to be a natural teeth whitening agent as compared to artificial teeth whitening products.
  • Scrubbing very hard with your toothbrush is not an effective way to treat your teeth; one should hold the tooth brush at a 45- degree angle while brushing, thus avoiding pressure as well as dynamic movement. One should also change the toothbrush at regular intervals; prolonged use of a single tooth brush hampers the efficient action of any teeth whitening products that you might use.
  • Using a tongue scraper is an important aspect of oral hygiene and is among the most effective techniques to keep away bad breath. A tongue scraper helps in cleaning your tongue, thus keeping bacterial growth at bay and eliminating spot formation on the surface of the teeth.
  • Flossing is a very healthy routine for dental hygiene as well as for whitening teeth. It keeps your teeth free from accumulation of the food particles and helps you to get rid of spots on your teeth. Flossing can be done anywhere provided one is accustomed to doing it without the help of a mirror.

Taking care of teeth is an essential aspect of personal hygiene and maintaining a healthy body. Practicing good dental habits also help light to up the face with an enchanting and dazzling smile.

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