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4 common types of acne and how to treat them

4 common types of acne and how to treat them

Acne is a common skin problem that affects almost everyone from time to time. The good thing about acne treatment is that once you have determined the kind of acne you have, it gets easier to deal with it.

So, here are the different types of acne and ways to treat them.

Comedonal acne
This type of acne is caused by clogged pores. The pores are filled with excess oil. Products that can exfoliate the top layer of the skin can be considered as good acne treatment options for this condition. It is recommended that you wash your face more often using cleansers that contain exfoliant ingredients.

Inflammatory acne
Inflammatory acne, such as red pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, is a more stringent form of the condition. The most usual characteristic of this type of acne is the fact they can just pop up anytime. This type of acne is more common in men due to their high testosterone levels, which causes more oil secretion leading to the formation of inflammatory acne.

Controlling excess oil level is the right acne treatment approach for this inflammatory condition. Products containing tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide are recommended for treating inflammatory acne. If your skin is too sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, you may find using gel-based cleansers useful.

Cystic acne
Cystic acne is a scarring type of acne. This is perhaps the most severe form of acne and should be treated from its very early stage. Cystic acne treatment may include the use of prescription medications. This type of acne requires committed treatment and usually takes about 5-6 months to heal.

Hormonal onset acne
Hormonal acne is the result of a sudden drop in the estrogen levels, which happens in women in their early thirties. This type of acne usually occurs around the chin and the mouth. Most often, this type of acne occurs right before, after, or during a menstrual cycle.

Women with this type of acne are recommended to use birth control pills as this helps to stabilize the hormones. The alternative acne treatment for this problem is the use of medications that are testosterone blockers. Consult a doctor before taking any over-the-counter medications for acne.