4 amazing phone plans for seniors

A wide number of operators have come up in the market that offer a number of phone plans for seniors. Seniors can now connect with their near and dear ones at ease with the help of these plans. Here is a list of the top operators that offer such monthly plans on a budget:

It offers unlimited text, talk, and data on a monthly basis at the rate of $60. You will get a speed of 3Mbps as you procure this plan. The $90 plan is inclusive of the 10GB mobile hotspot and high-def video. It is inclusive of an unlimited picture, text and video messages from the United States to Canada, Mexico and a number of countries.

Verizon an operator worth mentioning as it comes with several phone plans for seniors. You will get unlimited text and talk along with 2GB of data on a monthly basis at the rate of $40. You can avail everything unlimited by spending $80 on a monthly basis with paperless billing and auto pay.

T-Mobile has gained high prominence among the top operators in offering phone plans for seniors. You can procure unlimited text and talk, in addition to 4G LTE data for a price of $160 on a monthly basis. You can also avail unlimited streaming of music and video, and unlimited travel, in addition to unlimited text, talk and 4G LTE data in this plan.

Sprint offers unlimited plans for the first line at the rate of $50. It offers $90 for second through the fifth line via this operator at the rate of $90. It comes with a plethora of phone plans for seniors. If you do not require limitless, Sprint comes with a deal for limitless text and talk in addition to 2GB data for $40. It comes with unlimited service for one year for those customers who switch from another network.

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