3 factors that increase the probability of migraine headaches

People who commonly suffer from severe headaches include females, adolescents, people who are overweight, depressed, and those who overuse medications. Other common causes migraine headaches include head wounds, overuse of OTC painkillers that contain caffeine, compounds of narcotics and barbiturates, and so on. Stressful lifestyles are also one of the prominent causes of migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are common and can occur at any point in time. Many studies have been conducted on migraine headaches, their common triggers, and the common factors that increase the occurrence of a migraine headache. Given below are three of the most common factors that can increase the probability and occurrence of migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches can occur at any age. However, many people experience their first migraine headache during their adolescence. According to recent surveys conducted on migraine headaches and their occurrences, it was found that people over the age of 30 had the highest occurrences of migraines. When looked at the gender-based ratios of these surveys, it was found that women experienced more migraines than men.

Family history
Occurrences of migraine headaches are closely linked to family history. If one or both of your parents have a history of migraines, you are at a higher risk of experiencing the same.

As for the occurrences of migraine headaches based on gender, women become three times more prone to having migraines in their adolescence as compared to men. However, before adolescence, both men and women experience migraines at a similar rate, with boys sometimes experiencing more occurrences of migraine headaches.

The above-mentioned factors are the most commonly known ones that are prone to increase the occurrence of migraine headaches. It is, therefore, essential to get migraine headaches treated at the earliest. Migraine headaches cause immense discomfort to those suffering from it as it tends to slow down and hinders the daily tasks one has to complete.

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