3 exercises to reduce your back pain

Back pain may be caused due to many reasons including degenerative diseases, accidents, injuries fatigue and more. These factors may lead to long term or short term back pain. While resting for some time can offer back pain relief in a way that you don’t put any pressure on the spine, a little bit of exercise can help in achieving a great solution. This is only possible because the back is a complex of muscles, the spine, ligaments and tendons—all of which enable one to move. So, restricting motion altogether may lead to further spasms and cramps. Here are a few exercises that you can do for back pain relief.

Stretch the legs

No back pain treatment is complete with stretches that can help the entire body unwind and stretch the aching muscles. These stretches can also assist in removing stiffness and are great for back pain relief. You can lie back on a mat and stretch your legs as you flex your toes. Bring your knees back up towards your abdomen before you repeat the stretch. Do this a few times a day and gradually increase the number of sets you practice the same.

Neck and shoulder stretch

Another method of back pain relief is with the help of stretches that will flex your neck and shoulders. You can sit upright and bring your head downwards, as close to the chest as possible. This exercise should help you feel the stretch in the nape or the back of the neck. The relief will spread through the rest of your back, eventually.

Hip stretch

Another good form of exercise for back pain treatment is the hip stretch. For this, you will need to stand with your feet apart. Make sure that the distance between the two feet is the same as your shoulders. Then, take a step back with one foot and bend forward with the other leg straight. You should feel the pull and stretch in the outer hip.


All the above exercises should be carried out with great caution, and one should do them slowly. Wear comfortable clothing so that you can move quickly and let your body breathe at the same time. As soon as you feel any sharp pain, you must stop the exercises immediately.

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