3 arthritic aids for easy everyday chores

Living with arthritis, especially for seniors, is very tiresome because they lose their motor skills and cannot find a way to live independently. There are, however, a few tools in the market that are arthritic-friendly aids. These offer a convenient living with limited dependency. Some of these useful aids that can be useful are:

  • Bed pole/assist poles: These vertical poles are equipped with an array of grips to enable the individual to get up from their beds or any sitting position and to stand upright without taxing their body. They have an anti-slippery coating for better grip and can be firmly attached to the floor and walls using a set of firm screws. This is a must-have for those seniors who want to ease themselves between standing and sitting positions or for using to stand when continuously lying in bed.
  • Four-wheel rollator: Since walking is a straining task for people with arthritic conditions, seniors whose motor skills are manageable can pick this support device to move around the house by relying on the wheels for movement. By holding onto the grip provided at the top of the light-weight aluminum frame, the individual can easily also take a rest stop and sit on the padded seat attached to the frame. The wheels are antiskid locked and are stable for usage.
  • Grasp reacher: The most ardent task for those individuals with arthritic conditions can be very difficult because of sore joints and limitations in their range of motion. This easy gripper and reacher tool is built for easy grasp of objects, for picking up items off the floor, and to reach out to things without having to get up. For easy holding position, the handle of the reacher has an ergonomic pistol grip designed to support the wrist and hand joints without causing strain. The other end of the tool has rubber-lined jaws that effortlessly clenches things and does not damage it.

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